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CAEC has performed Investment Grade Energy Audits throughout the state of Alaska and has been using infrared technology to better serve our clients with an enhanced end-product.  The Infrared Thermal Survey allows the audit team to find building shell anomalies including insulation problems, air leakage and water infiltration problems with an IR scan.

In-Floor Heat Tubing
The Infrared Thermal Survey can be used to trace and find in-floor heat tubing problems. Once located, tubing repair can then be made.
Insulation Assessment
The Infrared Thermal Survey can quickly and non-destructively determine whether there is insulation present in the walls and the condition.
Heat Loss Analysis
The Infrared Thermal Survey of an attic or hot roof locates and identifies "thermal by-passes" for correction to stop the heat loss and air leakage. Locating air infiltration sources while using a blower door with the IR camera can isolate the sources of air infiltration and drafts can be pinpointed.
Heating System Losses
The Infrared Thermal Survey can isolate losses in a heating duct system. The Infrared Thermal Survey helps locate leaking ducts for correction and increased comfort.  Hydronic piping problems can be traced and isolated using the IR camera.

Check for the Presence of Moisture
The Infrared Thermal Survey can identify areas of moisture and potential breeding grounds for biological growth.  Thermography is the leading tool in diagnosing water damage. Where there is moisture, there is evaporative cooling.  The IR camera can be used to map and locate the limits of moisture damage and thereby limit the extent of deconstruction of your home, and the cost of remediation.
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